Prof. Ioannis Liritzis (Archaeometry-Cultural Heritage, Rhodes, Greece, Initiator- Founder of SHAP; Initiator-Founder & Acting Coordinator of the Res. Center of Yellow River Cultures in Rhodes; Coordinator of SHAP)
Prof. Manolis Stefanakis (Classical Archaeology-Numismatics, Rhodes, Greece; Acting Coordinator of the Res. Center of Yellow River Cultures in Rhodes)
Dr Asimina Vafiadou (Archaeometry, Rhodes, Greece, supervisor of Res. Center of Yellow River Cultures, Rhodes, Greece; archaeometry studies in SHAP)
Dr Pantelis Volonakis (Information Technology, Cyber archaeometry-Digital Heritage for Paedagogic purposes, Technical support; IT & Cultural Heritage in SHAP)
Anna Lazarou (MSc culturalist, PhD Cand., Univ of Peloponesse; History of Art with Archaeology & Mythology in SHAP; initiator of the Research Work of “Correlating Medusa-Gorgon apotropaic symbol in ancient Greece with Chinese parallels”).

Prof. Miao Changhong (Geography-Yellow River Cultures Sustainability, Kaifeng, China, Coordinator)
Dr Chao Chen (Philology-Linguist, Kaifeng, Henan; Ancient Greek law, exploring ancient Greek agriculture; Director of the Res. Center of Hellenic Civilization at Kaifeng).
Alex Westra (BA, MSc Oriental archaeology, PhD Cand. Univ of Henan, Founding Member of SHAP, Sino-Hellenic comparative studies for Bronze Age Archaeology; disaster archaeology; archaeological sciences; assistant coordinator)
Sporadically, academics from both countries working on similar issues of archaeology, cultural heritage, and archaeometry are invited. 

Prehistoric Archaeology
Prof. Nikos Efstratiou (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaliniki, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic period in Greece, Cyprus and Asia Minor;
Prof Wang Wei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Henan University, Kaifeng; Chinese Neolithic & Bronze Age Archaeology; Global Archaeology)