Research Team

Prof. LIRITZIS Ioannis SHAP Coordination, Univ. of the Aegean, Archaeometry, Environment, Sustainability, Development (;

Assoc. Prof. ILIOPOULOS Ioannis, Univ. of Patras, Greece, Dept. of Geology, Geoarchaeology-archaeomaterials (

Dr VOLONAKIS Pantelis, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Univ. of the Aegean, Informatics in Cultural Heritage (

Prof. MIAO Changhong (SHAP Coordinator, Yellow River Cultures, Geography, Sustainability, Hena  Univ., Kaifeng, China,  (

Dr CHAO Chen (Philology-Linguist, Univ. of Henan, Kaifeng, China; Ancient Greek law, exploring ancient Greek agriculture; Director of the Res. Center of Hellenic Civilization at Kaifeng)

Prof. ZHANG Lidong (College of History & Archaeology, Univ. of Henan, Kaifeng, China)

Prof. QIN Zhen (History, Culture and Archaeology, Univ. of Henan, Kaifeng, China)

Dr. CAI Shuhui (Institute of Geology & Geophysics; Chinese Academy of Science)

Dr. XANTHOPOULOU Vayia (Univ. of Patras, Greece, Dept. of Geology, Geoarchaeology-archaeomaterials)

WESTRA Alexander (Founding Member of SHAP, BA, MSc Oriental archaeology, PhD Cand. Univ of Henan & Univ. of the Aegean, Greece, Sino-Hellenic comparative studies for Bronze Age Archaeology; Disaster Archaeology; Archaeological Sciences)

VLACHOS Apostolos (MSc Applied Archaeological Sciences, Phd Cand. Univ. of the Aegean; Digital Archaeology and Cultural Heritage)


Expression of Interest of Collaboration

From Greece:

Asst. Prof. KAVROUDAKIS Dimitris, Dept of Geography, UAEGEAN, (GIS, GPS, Spatial Analysis, Sustainability + development of cultural sites)

Prof. SOULAKELLIS Nikos, Dept of Geography, UAEGEAN (GIS, GPS, Spatial Analysis, Sustainability + development of cultural site, Thematic Cartography, Cartography and Children, Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing applications in Environmental monitoring (

Assoc. Prof. FESAKIS Georgios, Pedagogiques Department, UAEGEAN, Rhodes

Assoc. Prof. VOSINAKIS Spyros, Dept of Engineering of Electronic Design, UAEGEAN, Syros Island (Virtual Reality, IT in Museums, Augmented Reality)

Dr VAFIADOU Asimina, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, UAEGEAN, Archaeometry

Prof. THEODOROPOULOU Elena, Vice Rector, UAEGEAN, Dept of Pedagogiques, Rhodes (Philosophy)

Prof. VITSILAKI Chrysi, Rector of UAEGEAN, Dept of Pedagogiques, Rhodes (Lifelong Learning Education, Distance education, intercultural dialogues)

Prof. STEFANAKIS Manolis, Classical archaeologist, UAEGEAN, Dept of Mediterranean Studies (archaeology, mainly classical, Hellenistic, and numismatics)

Prof. TSARDANIDIS Charalambos, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, UAEGEAN, International Relations-Politics Greece, Europe, Western Asia

Assoc. Prof. KEFALA Paraskevi, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, UAEGEAN, International Relations- Exterior Affairs, Politics Greece- Eastern Mediterranea-Middle East

Assoc. Prof. ILIOPOULOS Ioannis, Dept of Geology, Patras University, affiliated to the Lab of Archaeometry, UAEGEAN (geochemistry, geoarchaeology, anthropogenic environment, physicochemical analysis)

Prof. KARANTZOLA Eleni, UAEGEAN, Dept Mediterranean Studies (issues of history of languages and writing systems, and linguistic (didactic) politics).

Prof. SAKKAS Ioannis, UAEGEAN, Dept Mediterranean Studies, (History & International Relations for Mediterranean and Middle East).

Αssist.Prof. STRIBIS Ioannis, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, UAEGEAN (International Relations, Easter Mediterranean, explore One Road One Belt initiative: the Maritime Aspect; Legal and Political Dimension).

Prof. Spyros SYROPOULOS, Dept. of Mediterranean Studies, UAEGEAN (Ancient History, Philology, mythology),

Assoc. Prof. Panagiotis STAMATIS, Dept. of Sciences of Preschool Education and Educational Design (Communication Education, Preschool Education Nonverbal Communication, Instructional Communication, Teacher-Parent Communication).

Dr. Stefanos KORDOSIS, International Hellenic University (Byzantine connections with the East (Ottomans in the middle of Greece and China), cultural and historical connections of East-West).