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In September 2018, the University of the Aegean established the Research Centre for Yellow River Civilizations (RCYRC) in order to promote the education and research of the Chinese Civilization in Greece and Europe. The RCYRC will be an organization of international caliber dedicated towards organizing Sinitic and Hellenic studies, publishing papers and books, organizing conferences, conference proceedings, talks, lectures, discussion panels, workshops, student exchanges, expert exchanges, etc. At the RCYRC, the students and academics will have opportunities to learn Chinese, study Chinese history and archaeology, philosophy, arts, and culture, and carry out interdisciplinary innovative research.

The RCYRC is housed at the Lab of Environmental Archaeology & Preventive Conservation at the University of the Aegean (Rhodes, Greece). This is the first academic institution entirely devoted to the study and research of China and East Asia in Greece. The space is ideally located, close to the Medieval town of Rhodes. Since ancient times, the island of Rhodes has been a hub for the Aegean Sea and a central position in the Eastern Mediterranean. Island life is at the heart of the Greek spirit and it is a unique opportunity to study in one of Greece’s most historic and cultural islands in the Aegean Sea. A few hours away from Crete or Athens, and just a short trip away from Cyprus or Turkey, Rhodes and the University of the Aegean is a hugely advantageous location for any researcher and scholar interested in the Eastern Mediterranean. In fact, the University’s own Department of Mediterranean Studies would put you in touch with some of the world’s leading expert in this historically and currently vital location in the world.

Along this bilateral initiative, the RCYRC with the respective Research Center for Hellenic Civilization (RCHC) in China provide a vehicle and a bridge for facilitating comparative cultural & environmental studies along the two Silk Roads: the continental one and the southern coastal one. It is a unique opportunity for anybody who wishes to study Greek or Chinese culture to get in touch with us. At our disposal we have a growing library  for the purpose of teaching and researching the history, culture, and archaeology of the Chinese and Asian world right here.

Centre's resources


The University of the Aegean disposes of a leading library in many fields. The centre itself is growing its own collection of publication related to the field of Chinese studies

study area

The centre has a devoted area that anyone affiliated with the project in some way can use. Our researchers enjoy a peaceful and fruitful environment to pursue their interests.


archaeometry laboratory

The Centre also has at its disposal the archaeometry laboratory, directed by Prof. Ioannis Liritzis, and so advanced and far-reaching approaches in archaeological sciences are also part of our research agenda.


The Centre also has at its disposal the Environmental Archaeology & Preventive Conservation Lab., , directed by Prof. Ioannis Liritzis, and so environmental archaeology issues (bioarchaeology, osteoarchaeology, anthropology, conservation)  are also part of our research agenda.

Specialized faculty

The University of the Aegean disposes of some of the highest ranking academics from Greece and Europe. Furthermore, regular presence of scholars and researchers from China offer a unique opportunity in Greece to study the culture of the Central Plains and Yellow River. 


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