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Minutes at the Rector’s Office in Rhodes.

Meeting at Rhodes between University of the Aegean and Henan University

On 19th of August 2019 in Rhodes the Chinese delegation of five representatives from Henan University visited Rhodes and met the rector and members of the University to further strengthen the already signed MoU between the two Universities.

From the Henan University were present:   Prof LU Keping Chairman of the University, Prof. WANG Mingqin, Director, Public Relations Office, Prof. Liqun MAO, Director International Affairs Office, Prof. Yan BAI, Executive Vice Dean, College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Prof Hao HONG, Dean, College of Martial Arts. 

From the Greek side present were: the Rector Prof Chrysi Vitsilaki who welcomed the Chinese team, Prof Elena Theodoropoulou Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Prof Ioannis Liritzis, Director of Lab of Archaeometry, Lab of Environmental Archaeology & Preventive Conservation, and of the Research Center of Yellow River Cultures, Rhodes, Prof Loizos Sofos Head of the Pedagogics Dept,  Prof. Spyros Siropoulos, Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Αssoc. Prof. Panagiotis Stamatis, Pedagogics Dept., Μrs Eleni Moutsaki Greek Embassy Press Beijing Office, now at Shanghai,Dr A.Vafiadou, archaeometry, teaching staff, Dr P.Volonakis, informatics, new PhD holder Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Mrs Maria Bratitsi PhD candidate, Conservator, and administrative staff.

Based upon the signed MOU the following aspects were discussed and will be promoted.

1) Accredited summer schools for Chinese students 

2) Training of Chinese or Greek students in MSc/MA

3) Student exchange. Intensify the exchange of students beyond current status.

4) Joint-education program of Ph.D students. Already one Greek PhD student studies at Henan University.

5) Activate the Year Abroad Study for Chinese/Greek PhD students

6) Commence the International Student Festivities, Greek- Henan Traditional Arts & Cultures Festival and introduce Martial Arts (Gong Fu) in the University of the Aegean.

7) Establishment of a Confucius Center in the University of the Aegean

Minutes at the Rector’s Office in Rhodes.
Tour of the Center for Yellow River Cultures.
Prof Hao Hong’s Gong Fu performance.
Rector Prof. Chrysi Vitsilaki and Chancellor Prof. Lu Keping