The SHAP and the research centers promote an operational Cultural / Academic / Educational Tourism for students and people from both countries.

The Hellenic Center in Kaifeng will undertake activities not only research and academic but open to Chinese Henan Society, Students too.

Our contribution is: a) make visits of high school & University students and tutors possible, b) develop twinning Schools, c) offer to visitors the essence of culture from both cultures.

Ongoing PLANS

In China: Educational & cultural seminars to Chinese students (high school and university students) at the Research Center for the Hellenic Civilization (RCHC) of the University of Henan, Kaifeng. 

In Greece: Educational & Cultural trips for Chinese students.

Collaborative projects between high schools from both countries on culture, tradition, history, art, education.


Organized by SHARP & RCHC, University of Henan and the Research Center of Yellow River Cultures at the University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece.

An initial project is ATHENS – DELPHI – ANDROS ISLAND.

Athens: Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Plaka Traditional Center, UNESCO sites.

Delphi: the ancient center of the Earth with the famous Oracle (Museum and Sanctuary), UNESCO site.

Andros Island (2hrs from Athens by boat): Insular traditional landscapes & environment, Museums / Monasteries, seashores.