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Lectures on the Archaeology of Greece at Henan University

In May 2018, Alexander Westra, Doctoral candidate gave the first lecture of a series of lectures on the prehistory and history of Greece.

The first lecture was the first on “The Geography, Environment, Archaeology, and The History of Greece” lecture series. In the first lecture, Alexander Westra presented a wonderful lecture entitled “Geographical archaeology of Greece: paleolithic to neolithic age”. Graduate students majoring in human geography and archaeology from the Yellow River civilization center of 2016 and 2017 participated in the academic lecture.

Dr. Alexander first introduced in detail that geological archaeology is a subject with a profound history from the aspects of geographical science, cartography, geochemistry and so on. Later, Doctoral student Alexander interpreted the monumental structures of the paleolithic, mesolithic and neolithic ages of Greece in detail from the aspects of geological archaeology, the timeline of Greek history, and modern Greece. Finally, Alexander pointed out the relationship between human society and environmental characteristics from the environmental changes of Pleistocene and holocene. The lecture ended successfully with warm applause.