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About the Centre

The Research Centre for Hellenic Civilization is located at the heart of historic Kaifeng. Amidst the traditional and historical Boya building in Henan University’s old campus, our offices and library’s idyllic location is a perfect environment for any researcher and scholar. Our graceful and historic setting is also ideally located between the School of History & Culture, and the Centre for Yellow River Civilization & Sustainable Development, as well as the School of Art & Performances. Within a few minutes walk, you can meet experts in China’s rich and deep culture. Merely 40km away from the Yellow River, Henan Province, Kaifeng, and Henan University come to epitomise the achievements of the Central Plains civilisation. 

Our Centre has specialists in Hellenic and Chinese culture, ,arts, archaeology, and archaeological sciences and so is a unique opportunity for anybody who wishes to study either Greece or China’s past. We also are in the process of creating a specialised library for the purpose of teaching and researching the history, culture, and archaeology of the Hellenic world here in the heart of China’s cultural hinterland. 

The Centre will regularly host experts who will deliver courses included in the syllabus Henan University on Greek history, art history, archaeology,  environmental and ecological studies, philosophy, cultural heritage, and initiate comparative studies between the Greek and Chinese civilisations. It will also co-organise local, regional, and international conferences and seminars such as the international conferences in Kaifeng, 2019 and in Delphi 2021, see [conferences].

We will host cultural and educational events of regional and global scale. 

Centre's Resources


The Research Centre for Hellenic Civilisation at Henan University has a specialised library and access to extensive resources about Greece and China’s history and culture. It is an ever-growing collection, further supported by the extensive online databases, and specialist knowledge available on-site.

Study Area

A special study area is available for any researcher and scholar interested in studying Greece and Hellenic culture, or affiliated member of our research teams. 

Specialized faculty

Whether you are interested in Hellenic or Chinese culture, you have come to the right place. Here at Henan University and the at the Research Centre for Hellenic Civilisation we offer researchers and students the opportunity to come to grips with two of the most famous ancient civilisations of the world. 


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