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Agreement of cooperation signed between the University of the Aegean and Henan University

On the 22-23rd March 2017, the University of the Aegean received a delegation from Henan University (河南大学), activating academic cooperation between the faculties, departments and laboratories of the University of the Aegean and the University of Henan. The signed agreement (MOU), details a protocol of collaboration between them in the form of academic contacts and exchanges of faculty members and students, with a further interest in training and jointly designed research initiatives, including in scientific investigations and cooperations.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Guan Aihe, Chairman of the University Council, Prof. Han Shoufu, Manager/Director of Economic Affairs of Henan University, Prof. Yang Guoan, Director / Research Faculty of Social Sciences Henan University, Prof. MA Xiaoyong, Manager / Director of International Exchange Henan University, Prof. MIAO Changhong, Director / Research Center Yellow River Civilizations & Sustainable Development, from Henan University. As well as the Dean of Humanities School, Prof. Helen Theodoropoulos, the Vice Rector for International Partnerships, Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs of Aegean University, Assoc. Prof. Spyros Siropoulos, the Vice Rector of Research, Development, Financial Planning & Infrastructures Prof. Amalia Polydoropoulos, the Head of Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Prof. Ioannis Seimenis, the Vice Head of D.M.S Associate Prof. Katerina Franzis, Professor and Director of Laboratories Ioannis Liritzis, faculty members, technicians and Ph.D candidates of D.M.S., from the University of the Aegean.

The two delegation sign an agreement of cooperation

The delegation was given a tour of the campus, and the Laboratories of Archaeometry and Environmental Archeology of Dept. of Mediterranean Studies, and were received by Prof. Ioannis Liritzis. Followed by lengthy meetings concerning the MOU and the launching of cooperation programs. The event was successful with the promise of much more to come.