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Chinese Bridge Henan University Online Courses offered

Henan University is offering a unique opportunity for individuals to take introductory online course in Chinese language, Martial Arts, and Song Dynasty culture:

Based upon the strong collaboration between our Universities, I am happy to introduce to the recently approved Chinese Bridge short-term online scholarship program.

1) The short-term Chinese Bridge online scholarship programs are sponsored by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, China which is the official Chinese institution of the most authority and organised by Henan University which is one of the most honorable universities with profound history of Chinese Language and Culture Teaching. The two programs respectively are about Virtual Experience of Chinese Martial Arts and Virtual Experience of Song Dynasty Culture, each lasting for two weeks from :

January 17th to 31st.

2) The Martial Arts program includes courses of Speaking Chinese, Martial arts Chinese, Shaolin boxing and Taichi; the Song Dynasty Culture program includes preliminary Speaking Chinese and various cultural courses covering calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese traditional musical instrument, Kaifeng Ancient Architecture, virtual tour of the famous Chinese painting Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, virtual tour to Yellow River and so on. (please see the attached course design for more details)

3) All courses of the two programs will be conducted online, with the platform ChinesePlus ( There are two forms tentatively discussed: one is home-based that students attend courses online according to their own preference of place; another one is organised into classes with the scale of 25 members each, and the online teaching and learning will be hopefully practiced in classrooms in the universities under the management of staffs. The time of courses will be Beijing time.

4) Please see the attached file for application requirements.

5) Regarding the fees, there is no tuition for students to pay, and the expenses are mainly covered by CLEC.

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Application Procedure:

Course Design on the Song Dynasty Culture

Course Design on Virtual Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Bridge Registration Manual

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